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Your Cup Counts 

Caribou Coffee Evening Program

This is a microsite I created for my Cm331: writing for cOMMUNications clasS. we were required to create a MARKETING campaign for caribou COFFEE

Program Details

Caribou brings a taste of the North Pole to the Atlanta with three new Northern Lite flavors:


  1.             Gingerbread 

  2.                Eggnog 

  3.              Peppermint

The seasonal twist to the classic drink is Caribou's gift to you.

Read more about how your cup of coffee can be a gift to someone else. 

Rainforest- Alliance 

Caribou Coffee is the first major U.S coffeehouse to team up with Rainforest- Alliance. We pride ourselves on serving sustainable coffee.


The Rainforest-Alliance is vital for:  

  • educating farmers with tools and techniques to manage sustainability


  • protecting forest and wildlife habitats

  • advancing the quality and imperativeness of coffee-growing communities 

Holiday Match Campaign

The Rainforest-Alliance has created a holiday match campaign this season. The campaign will match any donations up to $200,000 to protect rainforests across the globe. 

Caribou Coffee has teamed up with the organization's match campaign to specifically give back to those farmers who play a pivotal role in creating the coffee you love.

Click the button below to learn more about the Rainforest-Alliance and the campaign.

Our Pledge 

Caribou will match the total amount of profits from the evening program
50% of the profit from your Northern Lite drink will be donated 
The Rainforest-Alliance will match the entire donation

Show us Your Cup!

Use the hashtag #MyCupCounts and upload a picture with your Northern Lite drink. Tag us in the photo and you can be featured on our website! 
Show the world that your cup counts
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