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We created The Golden Circle in 8 hours , the film had to be horror and had to include the line "stop you almost made me drop my croissant.

Director: Yael Bermudez 

Assistant Director: Adi Jahic

Director of Photography: June Oh 

AC: Kelley Or & Grace Wong

Editor: Ryan Yuen

Uber Mockumentary

Uber has just announced a contest to give a way a big surprise to one lucky Uber driver. Wendy and Perry go head to head in order to win the prize and be crowned Boston best Uber driver.

Writer and Director: Yael Bermudez 

Director of Photography and Editor: Brendan Kuang 



The theme for my sophomore year Capstone project was 'Making the Invisible Visible. My group and I thought of a topic that was relevant to our adopted home of Boston and a topic that was equally important to us.
Gentrification is a nation-wide issue that has existed for decades under the disguise of different names such as 'urban renewal'. We've decided to focus on specifically how gentrification tears communities apart and displaces its residents.
For the project, we interviewed twelve former and current residents of gentrified cities in Boston such as Charlestown, Somerville, Jamaica Plains, Dorchester, and South Boston. With over four hours of original footage we were able to focus our research to just the cities of Somerville and Charlestown. 
Through these documented stories, we hope to bring to light the negative effects of gentrification; making the invisible - visible

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