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What Know-it-Alls Don't Know About College: Find A Mentor

As a junior in college you would think I've figured this system out. I even believed this myself up until recently. College is a weird place. Just as you seem to have your bearings together, something comes a long and tears it down. Your self-esteem, confidence, and peace of mind is brought down along with it.

What Know-it-Alls Don't Know About College is a sort of guidebook of tips for college students and those soon to be. These aren't the "join clubs!", "meet new people!" kind of tips. Those are the basics and fundamentals of college but you already know that. After all, you know-it-all, or at least think you do. If you think you don't know anything that's okay as well. We are going to go through this together.

Each post in the series will have a tip of the week for how to manage through college and avoid reaching the point of utter chaos.

Tip: Find A Mentor

I didn't realize how important and helpful it would be to have a mentor. A professor that I had freshman year became my mentor during my sophomore year. What started off as a teacher to student relationship blossomed into something more. My professor has not only helped me to make choices in my academic career but has also helped me in my personal life. She is there to listen when I feel like I am lost and need advice. She has not only been there to serve as a listening ear but she has pushed me out of my comfort zone. She has also introduced me to opportunities that I would have missed out on, had I been left to my own devices.

Mentors come in all shapes and forms, it doesn't have to be a professor. A mentor can be a school advisor/ counselor, a residence assistant, a teacher's assistant, or a boss at work. The possibilities are endless. Their experience, how much they can offer and help you are the sole qualifications for their mentorship, not their title or status.

Study your mentor.

Listen to the wisdom they are offering you.

More importantly think of them as a friend, they were once in your position too.

You have to take and make the most out of your college experience. This is the time to build relationships all around. Your friends and classmates will be leading professionals in the near-future, keep them close. Look to your professors for help beyond the syllabus. Find that special person that will help you to reach your goals.

In the process you will learn to become a great mentor yourself and play that role in someone else's life.



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